Staff-seminar talk: Save the date!

Prof. Peter Sutch (University of Cardiff)

"The Global Commons and International Justice"

Tue June 30, 6 pm c. t., GFG 02-521.

Interested students are very welcome!

We have moved!

The Political Theory unit has moved to the new Georg Forster Building (Jakob-Welder-Weg 12, located between the University Library and the Humanities complex.

You find us on the top floor (4th floor in German terms), in the "East wing", i. e. facing the University Library (McCaslin, Schmitt), and in the "North wing", facing Saarstraße (Marker, Sirsch, Unger, Zimmerling). For room numbers, please consult our individual websites.

It will take a while until all telephones work; phone nos. remain mostly the same, but we have changed to an internet system that needs some technical adjusting. We kindly ask you for a bit of patience. We hope things will be running smoothly by the end of next week.

Until further notice, all classes will stay where they were. We hope to be able to move all teaching, except for the lecture courses, to the new building sometime next month.

Political Theory: Course in English, Winter Term 2013/14

A seminar in English on "Dirty Hands in Democratic Politics" will be offered by Dr. Annette Schmitt. For details, see the course description in JoguStine (available in due time).

* At least one introductory course in political or social theory should have been successfully completed.

Political Theory: Course in English, Summer Term 2013

A seminar in English "Another theory of justice: Brian Barry's 'Justice as Impartiality'" will be offered by Prof. Zimmerling. For details see the course description in "JoguStine".

* Participants must acquire a copy of Brian Barry's book "Justice as Impartiality" before the beginning of the course.
* Participants should previously have completed at least one course in political or social theory; at least a basic knowledge of John Rawls's "Theory of Justice" will be helpful.

Talk by Michael Baurmann

On Jan. 23, 2012 (6-8 pm, SB II 05-432), Prof. Michael Baurmann (Düsseldorf) will give a talk on "Foolish People or Rational Fools? How we simplify the world" (in German)  in the department's staff seminar. All interested students are invited!

Talks by Prof. Bruce Haddock and Dr. Peri Roberts (both Cardiff)

Bruce Haddock and Peri Roberts two recent SoCuM fellows from Cardiff University will give two lectures: Bruce Haddock: Multiculturalism and Normative Judgement: A Phenomenological Approach and Peri Roberts: Martha Nussbaum's Political Liberalism: Cultural Variation and the Global Capability Threshold. Lectures will take place on May 31, 2012 (6 pm, Senatssaal (Nat. Fak. 7th floor)).

Talk by Prof. Chandran Kukathas (LSE)

On Feb. 9, 2012 (6-8 pm, SB II 05-432), Prof. Chandran Kukathas (LSE) will give a paper on a topic related to the seminar on "Group rights" (see below) in the department's staff seminar. All interested students are invited!